Adventure Anywhere

NEMO Social IGTV Spots:


Adventure Anywhere Campaign


  • 15-30 sec duration

  • Multisport

  • Simple Messaging

  • Kinetic typography

  • 16x9, 9x16

Budget: ~5k


Winter Copy: “Grab it, Load it, Stuff it, Pack it, Drag it, Stake it, Enjoy it, Adventure Anywhere”

Products featured: Winter Tents, Winter Pads, Winter Bags


Example Storyboard: 


“Grab it”: We see a tent being pulled off a shelf from a garage, a sleeping bag from a gear closet, a pad being slid out from under the bed. (*different people, different environments)

“Load it”: A tent is placed in a packed trunk

“Stuff it”: A sleeping bag is wedged in the bottom of a pack, a pad is loaded into a gear duffle.

“Pack it”: Hiking packs are slung over climbers shoulders.

“Drag it”: Skiers pulling pulk sled with gear.

“Stake it”: Tent being staked out with snow anchor, rocks, and stakes.

“Enjoy it”: Winter campers enjoying a game of cards or chess inside a bright tent

“Adventure Anywhere”: Epic hero shot of tent perched on the side of a mountain.

Spring Copy: “Strap it, Attach it, Carry it, Roll it, Lay on it, Live it, Adventure Anywhere”


Products featured: 3-Season tents, lightweight pads, 3-season bags


Summer Copy: “Grab it, Pack it, Stack it, Hike it, Bike it, Climb it, Enjoy it, Adventure Anywhere”


Products featured: Family tents, summer bags, summer pads


Fall Copy: “Take it, Pack it, Attach it, Find it, Set it, Share it, Adventure Anywhere”


Products featured: Car camping tents, stargazing chair, blankets


Pacing: Quick cuts, Tight close-ups, ending with wide establishing shots on Adventure Anywhere

KUHL - IGTV Example

I created 4 IGTV films for Kuhl with leftover b-roll from my Kuhl New Zealand project. The short IGTV spots are based around their different products and intended uses. The goal was to tell a story within 20 seconds or less. 

Kuhl's social team will apply text overlays or links on the video within IGTV so users can interact with the post. 

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