Evan Kay was still in college when he began traveling the country climbing and filming. The Chicago native traded his windy city origins for escarpments in Colorado, crags in New Hampshire and cracks in canyons you’ve never heard of before landing as the full time videographer and social media manager for Ibex Outdoor Clothing. After 10 years working in-house for Ibex, Evan is now a full time freelancer with a diverse set of skills in videography, photography, and digital marketing.


A devoted adventurer, Evan can be found on pre-dawn skinning sessions, weekend mountain traverses and in the occasional mountain bike enduro race.


Evan’s ease in all things adventure can be felt in his film work: the carefully framed figures living life outdoors are filled with a visual respect, the fraternity of mountain life. Evan lives in North Pomfret, Vermont with his wife, Jordana and Gobi, an energetic blue heeler/boxer mix (@goodboygobi).