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Protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands

Protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands

Protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands


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Wild Owyhee Series - Trail Running

Wild Owyhee Series - Trail Running

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Wild Owyhee Series - Climbing

Wild Owyhee Series - Climbing

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Wild Owyhee Series - Fly Fishing

Wild Owyhee Series - Fly Fishing

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CLIF BAR: Jeremy Powers, who has won over 90 UCI victories, four USA Cyclocross national championships, the 2015 Pan American Championship and the most cyclocross races won by an American male, discusses the power of gravel and the Rasputitsa experience. Shot by Evan Kay & Sam Davies. Edited by Sam Davies

All-City Cycles: Edited together this fun piece for All-City Cycles annual Intercontinental Cyclocross Championships. Edit, animation and color grading by Evan Kay

Suicide Six: Elemental Bike Park Trail Preview: Created a hype video for the grand opening of the Woodstock Inn's new Elemental Bike Park at Suicide Six's ski resort. The video received over 10k views and more than 80 shares in the week prior to opening. It helped draw a large crowd to the resort for opening day.

DRIFT AWAY: Three...two...pause. Your mind drifts from one reality to another, it's a moment in time that we've all experienced before. For pro mountain bike rider Alex McAndrew, it's a regular occurrence at the start of a race where his mind and body transcend themselves to a place of tranquility. Where does your mind take you? One. (client: Onza Tires, Novatec)

Osprey Packs: A video shot and produced for Osprey Packs featuring their Levity & Lumina packs. We filmed this project in the heart of the White Mountains. Shot by Evan Kay & Dan Holz. Edited by Evan Kay

A Brooklyn Trail: Sometimes you just need to get off the beaten path to discover those truly magical places that can transcend you to another dimension. For athlete Ben Clark, he was able to find that special place being a trail hidden away in the heart of a concrete jungle.



Ibex Outdoor Clothing Productions

These Ibex videos were shot, directed, writen, and edited by Evan Kay

ADVENTURE MORE - Packrafting

Packrafting the Gunnison Gorge for Ibex's S'18 Line.


A Labor of Love

A showcase on how Ibex garments are produced and why they're truly a labor of love.


Firefly Bicycles

Ibex gives an inside look at the custom frame builders, Firefly Bicycles, from Boston, MA.


Ibex Goes West

The story behind Ibex's 100% domestic line.


Ultimate Campout Contest Trailer

This is the official trailer for the Ultimate Campout Contest.

Fall/Winter '14 Preview

A look at the Fall/Winter '14 product line

The Ride Family

A candid look at a family's shared bond for their love of cycling.

We are Ibex

This is a short Ibex brand video.

Duration 43 sec

Ibex Advocate Video

A video put together completely from footage provided to Ibex by their ambassador team.

Alex McAndrew

Pro downhill athlete shares why he loved growing up in Vermont and how it shaped him as a rider.

The Foundation of Ibex

Ibex's buisness starts on the other side of the world.

Happy Holiday Card

Stopmotion Holiday card.  Duration: 43 sec

An American Tale

98% of clothing is made overseas.  Ibex is trying to change that.


Ibex Celebrates 15 Years

A celebration video for Ibex's 15 anniversary.  Duration 43 sec


Have Kids Will Pedal (SERIES)

The final entry to Dan Clark's series which was produced and edited in real time.  Click link to view the entire series,

Duration 4 min 23 sec

Sourcing the Future

Ibex travels to South America in search of the finest fiber.  Duration 3 min 26 sec


The Breakaway II Jacket

Product video featuring pro climber Karsten Delap.  Duration 1 min 28 sec

Black Canyon: The New Black Project

Pro climber Joe Mills sets out to establish a new route in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Duration 10 min 48 sec

The Natural Choice

A look at the Fall/Winter '13 line. 

Duration 1 min 32 sec

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Ibex showcases the work of the NFCT to help protect our local watersheds.

Why Merino in the Summer

Promotional video to tell the story why Merino wool is perfect for summer time.  Duration 1 min 24 sec

REI Product Videos

An example of one of the several Ibex product videos produced for REI. 

Duration 37 sec

Liquid Gold

How real maple syrup is produced here in Vermont.  Duration 5 min 10 sec

Ibex presents the Harpoon B2B Ride

The story behind the annual Harpoon B2B ride Duration 4 min 13 sec

Harpoon B2B Series Produced by Ibex

We provided 3 rides with GoPro cameras and had them document their journey as they prepared for the B2B ride.

Harpoon B2B Series Episode 1

Ibex follows 3 riders through their training leading up to the B2B ride.  Duration  56 sec


Harpoon B2B Series Episode 2

Duration 3 min 33 sec

Harpoon B2B Series Episode 3

Riders perpare for final countdown

Duration 1 min 55 sec

Harpoon B2B Series RECAP

Riders recap of their experience

Duration  2 min 44 sec


Ibex Series: On the Road with an Ibex Rep

Take front seat with The Merino Pusher as he visits three of his dealers in New Enlgand.

On The Road: Episode 1

The Merino pusher heads to the Ski Rack in Burlington, VT  Duration  4 min 51 sec


On The Road: Episode 2

Lost luggage, broken down car, and a visit to OGE. Duration 5 min 11 sec

On The Road: Episode 3

The Merino pusher visits EMS in this final episode.  Duration 5 min 08 sec

To see the full collection of Ibex Outdoor Clothing videos created by Evan Kay CLICK HERE



Shot & Edited the Web Series "Electric Slides: with Erme Catino"

Season 3: Episode 1

Backwoods skiing in Vermont.

Duration 5 min 17 sec

Season 2: Episode 1

This episode features deep powder and fresh lines through various places in Vermont. Guest skiers Mike Cannon and Jay Moltz.  Duration 9 min 10 sec

Season 2: Episode 2

"Road Side Attractions" Duration 9 min 49 sec

Season 2: Final Episode

Featuring areas around Central Vermont, Mt. Mansfield, and Mt. Washington.

Duration 12 min 37 sec



A collection of work for the New England real estate company

Uphill Farm, Woodstock VT

A real estate video featuring a property in Woodstock, VT.  Duration 2 min 20 sec

Landvest in the Adirondacks

A showcase of Landvest portfolio of services in the Adirondacks. Duration 2 min 12 sec

Brandon, Adirondacks

An exclusive look at the Ross family's 28,000 acre property.  Duration 1 min 37 sec

Weddings, Skiing, and Rivers

Various projects here in New England

Ben & Tracey's Wedding

This is my most recent wedding video I produced for my friend Ben and his lovely wife TraceyDuration 6 min 13 sec

A Saturday in Vermont

Short product video featuring the V.I.O POV HD camera.  Duration 2 min 12 sec

Maine Rapid River Class II-III

Running rapids in a canoe is always fun.  A short POV down the run.  Duration 3 min 30 sec

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