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Citizen Pine ROCKS First Friday at the Filling Station in WRJ


Last night I entered the world of Rock n' Roll with my first gig as an "audio engineer" to operate the soundboard and mix for my friend Matt's band at their first official gig. I use the term audio engineer lightly because I'm definitely not one. Understanding a soundboard is one thing, but having trained ears is another. While the music that filled the room sounded amazing, I'm sure with some more time and trained ears the quality of the mix will only get better. As for the band, they rocked! I don't think the Filling Station has ever had a rock performance quite like the one they received last night. The only thing that could've made it better would have been a smoke machine and colorful stage lights ;)

Wanna Listen? Scroll down for both live sets at the bottom of this post.

Photos: Evan Kay & Sarah Lauridsen

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